This Columbian-Style Piece is Inspired by Indigenous Camentsa Art

 - Dec 27, 2016
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Columbian artist and designer Mariana Castillo Ruan's latest project is inspired by the techniques of indigenous Columbian people called the Camentsa. The wall and ceiling ornament, which has a floral pattern, is modular, allowing it to fit in any space.

In terms of both style and technique, Castillo Ruan incorporates her learnings from the Camentsa. The ornaments are made from stained wood and colorful beads, giving the pieces a cheery brightness punctuated by the dark black background of the wood. Because of the flowing shapes of each individual piece, the ornaments can be connected to each other in virtually any way, allowing them to span across as much or as little space as one desires.

Though the designs are traditional to the Camentsa people, they also evoke an Art Nouveau style as well as the flower power motif of the 1960s.