This California Camper Van Features the Latest Engineering and Amenities

The Transporter T6 California camper van is a Volkswagen creation that harks back to the classic 1950s Volkswagen camper, which offered the convenience of a compact, affordable home on the road. This vehicle may not necessarily be the most stylish creation in the history of camper vans, but it focuses on the features and performance.

This California camper van is available in two models, the two-liter 102 brake horsepower diesel Beach and the two-liter 204 brake horsepower petrol Ocean. The insides of both variants offer the expected compact living amenities, and sleeps four with a double and roof bed. An electrohydraulic pop-up roof and dimmable LED serve to add convenience.

With a suite of driver assist safety features also in place, this van has everything you'd expect from a basic camper and more.