The 'Klipy Cake Divider' Allows You to Serve Equal Dessert Portions

 - May 25, 2013
References: amazon & hiconsumption
When it comes to having a slice of cake with your friends and family, dividing up the pieces evenly amongst yourselves can be a difficult process, which is why the creative Klipy Cake Divider is here to make the process much simpler.

Ordinarily, cutting a cake to serve to your friends often requires you to visually estimate how large you should cut the pieces so that everyone will get a slice. The problem is that sometimes you can estimate incorrectly, and then you end up with a few unhappy customers. The Klipy Cake Divider is a tiny circular device, that when placed in the centre of a cake, allows you to set how many slices you want to cut, and then provides a guide for you to cut evenly.

If family members are always complaining about getting a slice too big or too small compared to others, then this creative cake divider will help make each slice completely the same size.