Dole's Chopped Caesar Salad Kit Includes Quinoa as a Feature Ingredient

 - Jun 23, 2017
There are plenty of Caesar salad kits on the market, and just as many fresh salads served in restaurants that are made with a base of quinoa, but few store-bought products that offer both leafy greens and the ancient grain quinoa. To remedy this, Dole introduced an all-new Chopped Caesar Salad Kit with quinoa as a feature ingredient.

This new ready-to-mix salad kit includes pieces of Romaine lettuce, shredded Parmesan cheese, garlic bread croutons, crispy quinoa pieces, as well as a packet of Dole's own Caesar salad dressing and even ground black pepper for added seasoning.

The easy-to-prepare salad kit appeals to consumers who want to enjoy the protein that can be had from the ancient grain without the hassle of preparing it from scratch as a salad add-in.