The Eco-Aquaponic House Prototype by Michael Jantzen is Sleek

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: michaeljantzen & cubeme
This eco-friendly and energy-efficient structural prototype by Michael Jantzen promotes harmonious cycles of growth. The design, titled the Eco-Aquaponic House, would be home to different types of plants and a tankful of fish. The fishes' waste would be recycled to fertilize the plants. The plants will grow to provide oxygen and filter the water. In this way, the house would maintain a balanced cycle of dependent organisms.

The round house would have pivotal screen doors that conveniently permit or block out the sun or rain. Each screen would also absorb heat and insulate cold weather to protect the wildlife. At the center of the steel cylindrical structure would be the fish tank; visitors will be able to walk around it for a peaceful experience. Ideally, this zen garden would be powered by solar cells. Publicly exhibiting a structure like this one would promote harmonious growth of organisms and confirm the potentials of eco-friendly and innovative green houses.