'Butterfly House' Looks Like the Pretty Insect from a Bird's-Eye View

 - Aug 30, 2017
References: archdaily
Insects don't enjoy a particularly popular reputation with people, but the exception to that rule has always been butterflies — so much so that 'Butterfly House' was designed with the chromatic and gentle creatures in mind. The home in South Korea takes its shape from the basic form of a butterfly with its wings outstretched, so from a bird's-eye view it looks at though a butterfly has landed in the middle of the home's rural neighborhood.

To be sure, the butterfly inspiration isn't evident from the ground level. In fact, from the first floor, the most striking aspects of the home are the two cantilevered panels that extend into the backyard. Those extensions are incredibly pointed, almost exaggeratedly so. However, from above, those points resemble the antennae of the Butterfly House.