Trader Joe's Sweet Corn, Burrata & Basil Ravioli is Fresh and Bright

 - Jun 26, 2017
References: traderjoes & today
Trader Joe's is embracing the summertime in its aisles, and the grocer's new Sweet Corn, Burrata & Basil Ravioli is evidence of that. The packaged pasta is resplendent with bright and fresh flavors that are like an evening outdoor dinner combined into a single bite.

As is typical of that pasta style, the Burrata & Basil Ravioli from Trader Joe's is stuffed with ricotta cheese as well as burrata, the creamier relative of mozzarella. It also includes some Parmesan, Cheddar, and bread crumbs to round out the base. The filling is then rounded out with whole sweet corn kernels and aromatic basil.

Since the ravioli is fresh out of the package, Trader Joe's recommends simply simmering it for a few minutes on the stove top to heat it up. It can then be served with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some Parmesan cheese on top.