Van Sarki Strips Down Performers in the Burlesque Photography Book

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: vansarki & kickstarter
Van Sarki puts an incredible twist on burlesque photography by focusing on the contrast between performers' figures with and without their costumes. Influenced by his friend's stage persona, Sarki was inspired to photograph burlesque dancers in both stages of their lives.

A believer in people's multiple personalities, Van Sarki wanted to create a project that showcased humans in their most complete forms. The artist quotes Virginia Wolf in his explanation of this belief: "A biography is considered complete if it merely accounts for six or seven selves, whereas a person may well have as many thousand."

The ornate and glamorous costumes placed next to the performers' quirky real-life looks are thought-provoking. In this project, Sarki sets out to create photographic imagery of the multiple personalities he believes everyone has.