Tina Beznec Presents a Bum Tattoo Auction

When times are tough and money is tight, one way to solve your monetary woes is a bum tattoo auction. New Zealand resident Tina Beznec is selling her cheeks to the highest bidder, and the winner gets to put whatever they choose tattooed on her behind.

The highest bid was most recently recorded at $12,400, which is enough money to bring someone strapped for cash out of debt. Tina says that she will donate 20% of the winning bid to the charity of the winner's choice and keep the rest for herself because she "deserves it," according to her add from trademe.co. What's even better is that Tina will send the winner a framed photograph of her bum tattoo so they can place it on top of their fireplace mantle.

People will do anything for money these days; but starting a bum tattoo auction might actually be the most brilliant idea yet.