Mouthwash Brand CB12 is Using 'Bubbleheads' to Encourage Oral Hygiene

 - Jul 21, 2017
References: cb12 & eventmagazine
As part of a bold marketing stunt, mouthwash brand CB12 is declaring London the worst city in the UK for bad breath by sending 'Bubbleheads' out into the world.

Throughout London, Bubbleheads can be seen sporting goldfish-like bowls over their heads, as if to hide their bad breath from others. Research from CB12 notes that 21% of people have turned down a night out because of concerns over their bad breath, while 15% have reported being dumped by a partner, or have dumped a partner, over similar oral hygiene issues.

Despite their unusual pieces of headgear, CB12's Bubbleheads performed a number of ordinary tasks in the city, such as going for coffee, attempting to eat sandwiches and waiting at public transport stations.