The Vestiges Series by Bryan Schnelle and Chris Callaway is Eerie

 - Aug 17, 2013
References: fecalface & juxtapoz
When Bryan Schnelle and Chris Callaway teamed up, the duo created an incredible series of horrifying portraits.

For this shoot, they used models who were incredibly beautiful. Before the shoot the models had their makeup and hair done, solidifying that these were stunning women. Then their entire faces were covered with gruesome masks.

Schnelle and Callaway went against all methods of traditional photography. Typically, you do not hide the models in terrifying masks that looked as thought they were interpretations of the devil. Some of the masks were white and resembled skeletons, and other were fiery and red.

What was special about this series is the beauty that Bryan Schnelle and Chris Callaway were able to capture. There is no doubt in the viewer's mind that these women are stunning, and it is incredible that they were able to expose that natural beauty through the gruesome masks.