Lunchables Brunchables Feature Breakfast Sandwiches, Mini Muffins & More

For many years, parents have been sending their kids to school with Lunchables as a quick and easy way to help them refuel halfway through the day—and now, The Kraft Heinz Co. is expanding upon this idea with all-new brunch snacks in the form of 'Lunchables Brunchables.'

While Lunchables has explored a range of fun lunch options for kids of all ages, Lunchables Brunchables marks the first time the brand is exploring breakfast. These all-new grab-and-go snack sets are filled with breakfast sandwiches and miniature muffins, plus ready-to-eat pieces of meat and cheese.

These new products were created in response to fans constantly asking if the brand would ever create a breakfast version of its products. Now, kids can enjoy three varieties of Lunchables Brunchables in Bacon & Cheese, Breakfast Ham & Cheese and Breakfast Sausage & Cheese.