The Brooks x Vault by Vans are New Shoes and Saddle Accessories

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: vans
The 'Brooks x Vault by Vans' collection is a collaboration between Vault by Vans, the shoe designs from creative designer Taka Hayashi, and Brooks England, the leather goods manufacturer behind stylish bicycle saddles. In honor of the latter's 150th anniversary and the former's 50th anniversary, the companies have released a set of shoes and Brooks accessories with a coordinated design.

The Brooks x Vault by Vans designs are a nod to Vans' American heritage, featuring a distinctly southwestern motif. The designers have labelled it the Swift motif, and it adorns both the saddles and footwear. Hayashi used a laser-etching process to get the Swift motif on the sneakers, and the saddles receive the design with the use of a molded emboss plate -- a unique and unusual process.