'Brokers for Charity' Donates 10% of Commissions Each Time a Deal Closes

 - Mar 13, 2012
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Anyone who knows anything real estate knows there is a lot of earning potential in commissions. Brokers for Charity facilitates the connection between realtors who want to use their earnings to make a difference with nonprofit organizations who can benefit from their support.

Brokers for Charity works with residential and commercial real estate agents and brokers in the United States and Canada who want to donate 10% of their commission each time they close a deal.

"Brokers for Charity® was inspired by the idea that a consumer's everyday purchases could contribute to a larger cause, and make an impact on our world," the website explains. "It is the concept behind the 'Newman's Own®' brand of products that the late actor Paul Newman launched years ago. The humanitarian and singer Bono's "Red™ Brand" of products are a more recent example, benefitting programs in Africa targeted at eliminating AIDS. There are many more out there, but there can never be enough."

The company lets those purchasing the real estate decide which 501(c)(3) they would like to benefit as a result of the deal, allowing the customer to be even more involved in the giving process.

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