mXers Modular Earbuds Solve the Problem of Broken Headphones

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Everyone has had to deal with broken headphones at one time or another, so mXers Modular Earbuds are designed to be easily repaired rather than replaced. Featuring a totally modular aesthetic that enables users to replace portions of the headphones, mXers Modular Earbuds simply snap and twist together.

Aside from being easily repaired with new components, the mXers Modular Earbuds are able to be customized as well thanks to the interchangeable aesthetic. The headphones are currently funding on Kickstarter where users can pick up a pair for a low price and customize them as they wish.

Modern consumers are becoming more aware of how disposable technology can be. As such, mXers Modular Earbuds help to ensure that broken headphones can be repaired rather than chucked in the garbage for longer product life.