This NYC Bar is Where Broadway Stars Perform Whatever They Want

Celebrity sightings are frequent and Broadway stars abound on Monday nights at New York City's Bar URBO.

Bar URBO is home to a new event called 'Lights Out On Broadway.' On Monday night, shows on New York City's world-famous theater street don't run, and Broadway stars have their night off. You'd assume that they would take a day to rest their vocal cords and hide from the public eye, but in fact, Broadway stars flock to URBO to perform at the weekly open mic. Performers who are usually seen in hits such as 'The Lion King' and 'Jersey Boys' put on a casual show where they are free to sing anything they want. R&B and Top 40 hits are popular, as are time-old classics -- just as they are at any open mic.

The organically created tradition is now a weekly event, and advance sign-up is required to perform, even for big-name Broadway stars.