The Bro Fist Simulator Teaches Players How to Properly Salute Each Other

 - Feb 6, 2016
References: steamcommunity & steamed.kotaku
Fist bumping is a customary greeting gesture amongst many young Millennials, and the Bro Fist Simulator helps consumers correctly learn how to do the handshake with a simulated gamified experience. The game lets consumers practice bumping fists till they get it just right.

The Bro Fist Simulator is a nod to classic video games with an 8-bit aesthetic, simple graphics and a singular playing goal. Users are encouraged to fist bump with the opponent and if done correctly, they score points. However, if the fist bump is less than sub-par the players can lose their limbs in a bloody finger slicing. As the game instructs, "But be careful! If your fingers aren’t closed to a fist when fist bumping the other bro, they will snap off!"

The simulator offers consumers new to slang or customary gestures a convenient place to learn.