Briteside's Cannabis Delivery Ad Pokes Fun at Pharmaceutical Ads

 - Nov 11, 2017
References: brtside & adweek
Briteside is a start-up based out of Oregon that offers an online marketplace for cannabis and a 90-minute delivery service to residents in select cities within the state. It recently launched a digital ad that parodies some of the most common scenes that are depicted in pharmaceutical ads. This includes people staring out windows, frolicking in nature and a list of side effects that's spoken quickly. However, Briteside lists side effects such as "uncontrollable giggles, euphoria, increased appetite and elevated sensitivity to musical dopeness."

In order to get the ad spot just right, agency Sandwich Video turned to countless pharmaceutical ads on YouTube for reference. To reiterate the fact that Briteside is in fact a real company and make sure that the video doesn't come across as a skit, the digital ad even takes care to state: "This is a real company."