The 'Bring the Heat' Infographic is Suggestive

 - Jul 21, 2012
References: columnfivemedia &
This 'Bring the Heat' infographic is a suggestive chart that seeks to look into the way in which climate affects a region's emission levels.

The chart presents some pretty convincing data, showing that areas with colder climates have emissions that are on the decrease, where the opposite appears to be true for naturally warmer locations. The chart itself is incredibly professional looking, and uses shades of green and red to present the information addressed. With many actual charts and a fair bit of text to contextualize the data provided, this infographic has a good balance between the two, and addresses the matter with a comprehensiveness that is often missing from this style of data visualization.

Well-designed, with an important message to pose, this infographic is sure to spark discussion about the factors that create and worsen issues of emissions.