- Jan 26, 2013
For those looking to snag editorial internships or other internships you have been eyeing, look no further than these resume infographics, which will help you succeed.

As the first point of contact is your resume, you need to be certain that it is up to par. These infographics are here to help you beef up your resume as well as show you various websites where you can display your resume. As businesses are creating more of a presence online, they are also looking for more employees who have the skills to operating websites as well as social media forums. There is no better way to highlight this then by using various social media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn to display to future employers your qualities.

Gander through these infographics, polish up that resume, and get ready to be more prepared when applying for those editorial internships.

Use These Tips to Snag Those Sought-After Editorial Internships: