Speechless Potato Heads for Bridgestone Tires

 - Feb 10, 2009
References: adsoftheworld
Bridgestone Tires commissioned Hasbro’s Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head to create this hilariously chauvinistic ad. The commercial from The Richards Group was another of the pricey Super Bowl premier advertisements.

In the video, the famous toy couple is driving their Pontiac Solstice, top down, along a curvy mountain road. Mister is enduring constant complaining from his wife until they round a bend and meet up with a herd of sheep in the road. The tires, of course, do their job and the car comes to a screeching halt before any animals are injured. However, Mrs. Potato Head isn’t so lucky.

I guess the ad could offend some women, but probably only those who relate too closely with the lady spud passenger. Bridgestone pokes fun at the chatty wife cliché with animated humor and is really well done technically speaking.