This Proposed Pedestrian Bridge Connects New York City and Jersey City

 - Oct 18, 2015
References: archdaily
Kevin Shane and architect Jeff Jordan have devised a pedestrian-focused plan that sees a bridge connect New York City and Jersey City. The two main hubs are only a few miles apart but the city roads and bridges force drivers to take much longer trips than they have to.

The bridge is being dubbed as the 'Liberty Bridge' which will allow people to walk and bike across the Hudson River. The bridge will also double as retail, artwork and leisure space. Although rather ambitious, the plan is gaining media attention and a petition for its construction is slowly growing. The bridge will be built on Pennsylvania Railway Embankment, an abandoned ruin in Jersey city. A combination of wood and concrete will form the body of the bridge and will be 5,000 feet in length, and high enough to accommodate passing ships.