bioMason's Brick Block Building Materials Are Made Without Heat

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: biomason & archdaily
'bioMason' is a start-up that has developed a brick block that can be grown entirely from bacteria. One reason that spurred this concept into fruition is an argument bioMason makes, stating that traditional building materials like glass, concrete wood and steel all come from natural sources that will not be around forever. As well, some of the ways these materials are produced release tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

As bioMason describes: "Bacteria, which provide a precise environment to form in combination with a nutrient, nitrogen and calcium source allow for the formation of natural cement in ambient temperatures." So bioMason is able to grow its bricks without the use of heat in about five days, which would provide a new building material that’s widely available and doesn’t cause harm to the environment.

bioMason was awarded first place in the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Challenge, as well as the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge.