Marco Stefanelli's Brecce Collection is Inspired by Nature

 - Aug 6, 2012
References: & thisiscolossal
The Brecce collection is made up of gorgeous lamps that look as though they have been pried from the magical homes of fairies and forest nymphs. Decidedly organic in nature, materials including sawdust, tree branches and even cement fragments have been carefully manipulated to house sculpted resin, which have been embedded with LEDs.

Created by Italian designer Marco Stefanelli, the Brecce collection strives to give these discarded materials a second lease on life. Entirely enchanting, it is almost as if he put a spell on them rather than crafting the wood, cement and resin with his own two hands. Through the addition of the LED-embedded resin, the Brecce collection also amplifies the sensory experience of the pieces.