Jeremy Gutsche Discusses His Breakthrough Business Tips

 - Apr 19, 2013
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During his innovation keynote speeches, Jeremy Gutsche shares his breakthrough business tips that can be easily applied by a wide range of professionals in different industries. As an innovation keynote speaker, he integrates lessons from his book as well as his own experience as a management consultant and as the CEO of Trend Hunter, the world's largest collection of trends.

When brands are looking to reinvent themselves or ensure they remain relevant among their competitors, Jeremy urges his audiences to avoid retreating to their comfort zones. He believes that testing new waters and constantly tracking new opportunities is crucial for becoming breakthrough. Businesses need to be willing to take a risk and to not allow themselves to grow complacent.

He shares the story of Smith Corona, a typewriter company that missed out on a huge opportunity when it backed out of a partnership with Acer to sell personal computing devices.

"When the world became chaotic, Smith Corona did what most organizations do: they retreated to their comfort zone.

It had only been one year, but the board killed the Acer partnership. Three years later, Smith Corona declared bankruptcy. Acer went on to become the fourth-largest PC company in the world."

The failure to commit to new frontiers will likely result in unfavorable circumstances like it did for Smith Corona.

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