This Graphic Shows How Brands on YouTube Are Carried by Fans

 - Nov 6, 2013
References: blog.zefr & designtaxi
This infographic shares how brands on YouTube can have its fans amplify their products or services. The graphic comes from ZEFR, a software platform for brand and content management on YouTube.

The 'How Fans Amplify the Brands They Love on YouTube' graphic details that there are four ways that help to increase brand value: reviews, how-tos, unboxing videos and commercials.

With now over 1 billion users, YouTube is an incredible place to share videos, but as the graphic points out, user-uploaded videos beat official company-uploaded content by a ratio of 10-to-one. The infographic goes on to give examples in each category, for example the success of Urban Decay makeup reviews and the huge numbers of fan-created tutorials for Adobe Photoshop. Consumers are the driving force behind any product or service and for these brands on YouTube, original content from users is unbelievably influential.