Brandon Vickerd Puts an Artistic Spin on Skater Ramps

 - Jun 17, 2015
References: brandonvickerd & beautifuldecay
Brandon Vickerd is an artist who has decided to rethink the look of a classic skater ramp. Although at a glance, the shape is very familiar, it's the details of the base that will truly astound people. Brandon Vickerd was inspired by Gothic architecture when building with particular work of art. Using beautiful wrought iron and elaborate designs, people who aren't even fans of the sport would want to come see people in action on it.

As for what Brandon Vickerd was hoping to achieve through this unusual design, Beautiful Decay writes, "According to the artist he wanted to make something that spoke to architectural design incorporated with a recreational aesthetic. It achieves this goal by exploring a type which is normally found floating around music and alternative fashion."