Max & Vera's Holistic Bra Design Allows Wearers to Carry Crystals

 - Mar 21, 2018
References: maxandvera & vogue
Max & Vera boasts a holistic bra design for "advanced new age types." As the belief that crystals aid mental health, radiation deflection and other aspects in day-to-day life, Los Angeles-based creative Megan McCulloch invented bralette and bra designs that allow the wearer to keep their holistic stones close to the heart, literally.

The Affirmations bra is considered to be "a statement [that] projects [...] intentions." Each piece features a secure elastic loop, located in the middle of the chest or where the heart chakra is considered to be. Each bra design comes with a stone—Rainbow Aura, Angel Aura, Aqua Aura, Smokey Quartz or Lemurian Seed. Each of them has a certain property that aid the spirits of the wearer. The Rainbow Aura, for example, is known to activate the body's energy centers and release contained negative emotions.