The 'Bottles and Bubbles' Alexa Skill Offers Pairings & More

 - Dec 2, 2017
References: amazon & digitaltrends
Amazon Alexa is capable of doing everything from checking the weather to controlling one's music on command, but brands are also building upon the basic Amazon Alexa Skills offered with their own—Moët Hennessy recently launched one of its own called 'Bottles and Bubbles.'

With the Bottles and Bubbles Amazon Alexa Skill, users are able to begin interacting with the smart voice assistant with prompts like: "Give me hosting tips" or "Tell me about food pairings." Bottles and Bubbles also gives consumers of the legal drinking age the chance to learn more about champagne, including how to pronounce some of those difficult-to-say names.

Furthermore, Bottles and Bubbles provides a calendar of events for celebrations worthy of champagne, as well as ambient sounds and playlists to enhance any at-home entertaining experience.