The Boris Ponomarev Color of Light Series Glows and Dazzles

 - Feb 1, 2011   Updated: Aug 11 2011
The Boris Ponomarev Color of Light series looks like my kind of celebration.

The shoot features a male and female model in party attire, superbly covered in fluorescent paint. The use of eccentric colors, a splash-painted setting and a retro theme has striking results. Photographer Alex Borisov captured the black light party scene beautifully. Check out the video for a behind the scenes look at the Boris Ponomarev Color of Light shoot.

Implications - Businesses that offer their clients products that enable them to portray themselves in unique and outlandish ways will appeal to a wide audience. Consumers will flock to products that allow them to express themselves in ways that they otherwise would not. Businesses that follow this strategy will generate successful results in today's society.