The Booze. Colt Incense Chamber Perfumes the Air With a Bold Statement

 - Oct 12, 2012
References: shop.havenshop & blog.gessato
The Booze. Colt Incense Chamber is an artsy pottery gun that smokes out wisps of perfumed air. Created by NEIGHBOURHOOD for its pottery series that goes by the name 'Made in Occupied Japan,' the porcelain incense container is decorated with fine blue strokes that form tattoos and ruffian patterns.

Inspired by the emergence of American soldiers in Japan during WWII, the porcelain piece mimics the design of an American Booze. Colt firearm with a strong hand gripping onto it. There are holes that appear on the barrel and along the gun to make the incense come out as if the firearm is smoking. The hammer and safety of the Booze. Colt Incense Chamber are gold, mixing classic design with a futuristic metallic shine that is very avante-garde.

This unusual incense burner turns flowery wisps into artfully manly exhaust puffs.