'Body Science' by Isamaya Ffrench Uses Makeup to Outline the Human Body

 - Feb 12, 2015
References: garagemag & isamayaffrench
'Body Science' by Isamaya Ffrench is a groundbreaking way to view both Eastern and Western medical practices through makeup. In Facial Phrenology, Ffrench outlines the model's facial muscles using multiple colors of face pant. Each facial muscle is named and outlined on the side of the magazine.

In Reflexology, Ffrench uses the theory of Eastern medicine that connects pressure points of the foot to essential organs. Each pressure point is colored, creating a rainbow pop art-inspired foot. In Palmistry, the model's palm lines are outlined in rainbow liners detailing her life line, love line and fate line.

The Body Science by Isamaya Ffrench editorial is in Garage Magazine's latest issue. Isamaya Ffrench is a talented makeup artist located in London, England.