Tatiana Parcero's ‘Cartographies' Series Uses Ancient Maps

 - Apr 12, 2009   Updated: Jul 13 2011
References: zonezero
Tatiana Parcero is a Mexican artist whose 'Interior Cartographies' series integrates body art with hauntingly beautiful manipulated photos.

Using her body as a canvas, Parcero superimposes 200-year-old engravings and illustrations from medical books, ancient maps, codices, symbols, and diagrams to construct photos (transparency overlays).

In doing so, she creates self-portraits that blend biographical and mythical elements to provide Parcero with a deeper and highly ethereal sense of identity and self-definition.

Implications - There is something to be said about an artist who illustrates their work or creates impressive public installation, but Tatiana Parcero is notable for using her own body as a vessel through which she makes her point. By using her body as a canvas, Tatiana Parcero shows a commitment to her artwork that is almost unmatchable.