From Immodest Self-Portraits to Remixed Renaissance Art

 - Jul 12, 2010   Updated: Aug 10 2011
What's left for an artist who finds no inspiration in painting or photographing others? Create a self-portrait, of course. There are some who see the self-portrait as over-indulgent, while others see it as the mark of a true artist.

Regardless, there are some very cool ideas and approaches to self-portraits, from immodest self-portraits and remixed renaissance art, to artists who have digitally aged themselves and images that look nothing like the artists.

Implications - The blogosphere has been leading in social media sites and is the source for all news. Producing and releasing art has never been easier, and the younger market has been taking advantage of this easy entrance into the art world. More and more young artists are making a mark in the world, and this pattern is great opportunity for businesses that can now stress self-promotion to attract more customers.