From Grassy Clutches to Green Roof Tiles

 - Jun 12, 2012
Living in a metropolis entails giving up the grassy pastures of the countryside, but there are always those who just can't let the green go so easily, which gives rise to the increasing number of lawn-laced concepts that speak to the nature lover in everyone.

Be it through laying on a lush bed of grass fitted to a tanning chair, or feeling the grass between your toes with each step of the flip-flop, the sheer amount of ways people can make use of their plant-clad novelties is mind-boggling. Though such items are sometimes impractical and subject to wear and tear, there is potential for them to serve as props in a marketing campaign, perhaps to draw attention to the global climate problem.

Not to mention that products like these would also make a great gag gift for your enthusiastic, but green thumb-lacking friend.