This Eyal Soodai 'Koh' Seating System is Adaptable

 - Mar 16, 2012
References: sooda-e & designboom
Isreali designer Eyal Soodai won the 2012 Thailand International Furniture Fair for his 'Koh' seating system. In Thai 'Koh' means island, an apt metaphor for individual pieces of the collection; however, archipelago is a better description for the whole set. The component pieces of the Koh seating system are meant to work together rather than apart.

The furniture is intended for public areas. Due to its composite, modular nature, it can be arranged in a number of ways in order to better fit its location. Eyal Soodai's seating system can also be customized by color, further enhancing its individuality and adaptability.

Eyal Soodai has designed a product perfectly suited for urban environments. Hopefully, it will be making an appearance in more than just catalogs.

Photo Credits: designboom, sooda-e