Add Some Green to Your Living Space with the Garden Rug

 - Oct 22, 2011
References: & treehugger
Most love the sensation of soft, almost damp grass beneath bare feet, so why not grow a Garden Rug and place it at your bedside. Each morning, you'll be greeted with the familiar feeling of green grass between your toes.

Before you kick back and languish in the natural splendor of your new house, you'll have to do some contracting. Though a green thumb isn't necessary to foster and raise the Garden Rug, it might help. Developed by Pia Wustenberg, a German designer stationed in England, the carpet is made from a felt-like, organic material whose properties allow moss colonies to germinate and spread. Because the process is entirely controlled, the Garden Rug will at first remain grey and bleak, but the seeds will eventually begin to flower, leaving a beautiful design of grass spiraling along your floor.