The Kellee Kimbro 'Kompost' Adds Flavor to the Garden and Grooms It

 - Apr 9, 2012
References: yankodesign & dicoart
It's about time composting the remains of Mother Nature's affects wasn't such a gruesome affair; the Kellee Kimbro 'Kompost' is a ceramic piece that you can add to your lawn and it will decompose your waste without damaging your perfectly cut grass.

The cylinder is placed so that it digs into the ground and the bit that lies down there is full of holes so that worms can travel through it. The top portion that is exposed above ground can be used to fill the Kompost with waste. It uses a cork lid so that it is sealed air tight and nothing can get in or out. Since it is made of ceramic, the entire body will keep worms warm during the winter and cool during the summer. By allowing worms to do the work this compost utility is entirely eco-friendly and perfect for any green area.