Laura McQuarrie Discusses Her Favorite Picks for Body Image Projects

 - May 1, 2015
Given the heat placed on the media and the way they portray people's bodies, it makes sense that many brands would feel compelled to do some good with their body image projects. Trend Hunter Research Writer Laura McQuarrie shares her top examples of branded body honesty, from body image photography to uplifting beauty campaigns and insecurity videos.

From BuzzFeed, What People are Actually Saying When They Talk About Your Body is a revealing yet humorous video that demonstrates the lasting effects your comments about people's bodies have. The photography by Jen Davis showcases intimacy and obesity. In one of many body image projects, Dove teamed up with Twitter for #speakbeautiful. The body-positive campaign attempts to tackle the 5 million negative tweets that go out every year about beauty and body image. The Jubilee Project also aimed to change people's perspectives with their thought-provoking video where people discuss the changes they'd like to make about themselves.