Vancouver's 'Bodega on Main' Has Released a Collection of Take-Home Sauces

Vancouver-based tapas restaurant, 'Bodega on Main,' has released its signature Spanish sauce recipes in take-home bottles.

This collection of take-home sauces consist of the restaurant's 'Romesco Sauce,' 'Brava Sauce,' and 'Piquillo Relish.' Romesco Sauce is made of piquillo peppers, roasted almonds and Spanish paprika whereas Brava is a spicy tomato and garlic sauce. These bottled family recipes are exclusive to Bodega Foods. These sauces from Bodega on Main are a great way to elevate meal time and they also make fantastic gifts.

Expanding to take-home products is a way for restaurants to solidify their legacy, especially for family-run businesses. Bodega works to bring the legacy of tapas cuisine to the next generation and these take-home sauces will definitely help make the Vancouver hot-spot a household name.