Anese' 'Bless this Mess' Elixir Boasts Real Holy Water as an Ingredient

 - Jun 9, 2017
'Bless this Mess' is the name of a standout natural body and hair elixir from Anese that boasts an ingredient list that includes Sea Holly and Holy Water.

The product is packaged in a spray bottle, which can be used to lightly spritz one's hair, face and body for added hydration. Vitamin- and mineral-rich Aloe vera, rose water and glycerin are three potent ingredients in the product, which are said to help reduce redness, improve elasticity and even "maintain your skin's water balance on a molecular level."

Anese's entire beauty range includes boldly branded products with Millennial-targeted names like 'Swipe Right,' 'Gotta Peace Out' and 'Slay Serum.' On top of including a name that will amuse young customers, the minimalist, marble label on the spray bottle makes for an aesthetically pleasing design to be shared on social media.