The 'Bleeding' Sculpture is a Demonic Expression of Fear

 - Oct 31, 2013
References: facebook & mymodernmet
Like disappearing into the netherworld, Guy-Olivier Deveau's 'Bleeding' face sculpture is a haunting image of a face being melted.

The Quebec City-based artist created the piece as part of the Sandcastle Days 2013 exhibit, and features a bald man's head facing sideways, with half his face slowly getting sucked into the sand. Almost as if screaming from agony -- with his one remaining eye facing up and his mouth gaped open -- the giant, bald slumbering head expresses a surreal discomfort. Deveau's 'Bleeding' sculpture was exhibited in South Padre Island, Texas, and gave visitors a distinctly unusual spectacle to behold.

Deveau has previously worked with ice, snow and wood before, but prefers using sand because of the intricate detail and sharp edges that can be created.