'Blast Load Assessment Sense and Test' Can Determine Shockwave Impact

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: onr.navy.mil & engadget
'Blast Load Assessment Sense and Test' is a piece of smart body armor currently being developed by the US Navy's Office of Naval Research. The armor contains a sensor system that will be able to immediately assess whether or not soldiers have sustained any secondary impact from an explosion, preventing them from having to wait until they return from battle.

Explosions can injure people in two primary ways. Firstly, someone can be hurt by the immediate explosion itself, through shrapnel, thrown debris, or flames. Secondly, the shockwave caused by an explosion can injure people by damaging their brains -- similar to concussion injuries. By embedding small, wireless sensors in soldiers' helmets and body armor, medics away from the battle will be able to designate soldiers to return from battle immediately, potentially saving their long-term health.