Mungo Retail Fabricates its Blankets and Towels on Antique Looms

 - Dec 4, 2014
References: mungoretail & coolhunting
There's new technology emerging every day, but sometimes it's best to stick to what is plain, simple and works, as Mungo Retail proves with its blankets and towels.

The process that Mungo Retail goes through when designing new patterns for towels and blankets involves a series of hand drawings, followed by a sample that's tested on a 19th century Hattersley loom before being sent to a modern loom for production. Since all of the woven textiles from Mungo Retail begin with testing on a century-old loom, there's a certain charm and a history that comes with each of the pieces. Global shipping is offered from the Mungo Retail web shop, and with enough interest, even items that are out of stock can be brought back into circulation.