These Bird Nest Cupcakes are the Perfect Spring Surprise

Welcome spring with these surprising Bird Nest Cupcakes. These egg carton clad confections were created by blogger Jenn, from the blog ‘Rook No. 17,’ and featured on The Southern Institute website. Comprised of tasty lemon cakes, toasted coconut frosting and chocolate mini eggs, these Bird Nest Cupcakes look picture perfect nestled inside an unassuming egg carton.

The perfect misleading gift for your favorite hostess, these Bird Nest Cupcakes offer a fun sugary reveal. The top of the carton is adorned with a clever words, "Hatched Fresh from Scratch." The ideal sweet indulgence to welcome the rebirth that comes with spring, these sensational bites are the best thing you’ll ever find inside a humble egg carton.

Fun, surprising and delicious, these Bird Nest Cupcakes are an excellent way to welcome the sunshine of spring.