The 'Biota Saltwater Aquarium' is Humane Way to House Ocean Life

 - Sep 13, 2016
References: indiegogo & digitaltrends
Marine biology is both intellectually interesting and visually stimulating, and the Biota Saltwater Aquarium offers a green and humane way for consumers to experience ocean life in their own homes.

Oceanic flora and fauna are at a crucially delicate stage, with pollution and climate change threatening to irreparably damage innumerable species. Aquariums have always been in demand thanks to the beauty of undersea life, but saltwater aquariums can indirectly harm ocean biomes by irresponsibly removing species of coral and fish. The Biota Saltwater Aquarium is a sustainable way of bringing those species into the home.

The aquarium is an all-in-one piece, meaning that it comes with the tank, the accessories, and even the fish, rocks, and coral. The key is that the organisms are all captive bred, sustainably, so that ordering a Biota Saltwater Aquarium means that nothing in the ocean was harmed.