Researchers Have Developed a Biosensor Chip for Collecting Precise Data

 - May 30, 2015
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A team of researchers from Switzerland's École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have developed an induction-powered biosensor chip that can be inserted directly into your body. The chip is intended to monitor a person's body from the inside out in order to provide a more accurate snapshot of a patient's overall health.

At only a centimeter long, the biosensor chip is tiny enough to be inserted into the skin. The chip is then powered by a patch that sits on the surface of the skin and communicated directly with any mobile device. Capable of gathering precise data, the chip can be used to communicate the effects of drugs on a patients metabolism in real-time.

The biosensor chip is currently being tested in vivo on mice, but early results have been promising. In the future this kind of technology could be used to achieve more personalized and precise medical diagnoses.