Turner Teams Up with IBM Watson to Boost Ad Sales and Revenue

 - Mar 24, 2016
References: wsj
Turner recently partnered with IBM to use its big data analysis system Watson as a powerful ad revenue tool. A division of Time Warner, Turner is affiliated with popular television networks like CNN and TBS and hopes to enhance ad sales with the help of detailed analytics.

IBM's Watson system is not only known for being smarter than human geniuses but also boasts a myriad of niche data-crunching features that can benefit a number of brands across different industries.

Recognizing the power of big data analysis, Turner hopes to utilize Watson to gain a better understanding of its viewership while catering ad content to fit this demographic's needs. "This is about empowering our sales force to have more meaningful conversations with today’s marketers," said Michael Strober, Turner's executive vice president of client strategy and ad innovation when describing the new venture.