This Elegant Sculpture is Made from 10,000 BIC Cristal Pens

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: aauanastas & curbed
Architectural design firm AAU Anastas has made something beautiful out of the seemingly everyday with this stunning sculpture made out of simple Bic 'Cristal' pens.

Located inside a concert hall in Amsterdam, the 'BIC Cristal' is composed of 10,000 intricately placed BIC pens weaved and arranged together to create a glass-like combination of a hanging canopy and elegant chandelier. The geometric patterns present in this work show a focused attention to detail and form, and a deep understanding of the material being worked with.

This project was inspired by the idea of creating something extravagant out of the simple design of the ballpoint pen, and also to address current design practices. Concerns about wastefulness and over consumption urged the designers to reuse and transform objects in a sustainable and practical way.