The Minimum Bible Urges Readers to Grasp The Holy Book's Symbolism

 - Apr 14, 2015
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The Minimum Bible is a though-provoking bible art series by Joseph Novak. The graphic designer's work explores simplistic symbolism and urges readers to truly understand the iconic book's messages and philosophies. The religious text is often synonymous with written representations or image-based ones that put little focus on symbolism.

Joseph Novak's bible art project aims to change that with a set of simple and visually striking drawings. His work reflects the bible's most important takeaways and explores themes that are both positive and negative. Whether celebrating miracles or pulling at one's heart strings, these minimalist art pieces explain religious ideologies in a straight-forward way.

In addition to collaged prints, fans of The Minimum Bible can also purchase individual prints on Joseoph's website.